Joining the Construction Consolidation Centre (BLC)

Why has a Construction Consolidation Centre (BLC) been established?

The urban development area of Stockholm Royal Seaport (Norra Djurgårdsstaden, NDS) is an environmental profile area with the ambition of being a model of sustainable urban planning. This means that the City of Stockholm and all other stakeholders involved in developing the district are working toward sustainable and resource-efficient construction practices.

BLC coordinates the transport and the materials to be used in the construction and is responsible for the recycling of waste and residual materials. Through BLC, we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce waste, improve the work environment and economise on resources. It is a contribution to creating a sustainable future. BLC provides the opportunity for good planning, which also creates the conditions needed to increase value-added time and reduce implementation costs.


Who needs to become a customer of BLC?


A. Developer?

In order for your contractor to gain access to the work area and all services, you must be a customer of the City of Stockholm as well as a customer of CCC(BLC). 

To become a customer of the City of Stockholm you 'll need to get in contact with Fredrik Bergman, Head Project Manager, Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

For more information on how you become a customer of CCC(BLC). Please see question above "How do I become a customer of CCC(BLC)?"


B. Freight carrier?

You do not need to be a customer to transport goods and materials to the site, but your clients do.


C. Contractor or sub-contractor?

In order to gain access to the work area, your company must be a customer of CCC(BLC). If your main contractor bears all costs, then you as a subcontractor do not need to join CCC(BLC).


How do I become a customer of the CCC(BLC)?

Please click on the "Customer application" button, in the top of the right hand corner of the homepage.



What do I gain access to when I join?

As a CCC(BLC) customer, you get access to the following basic services:

  • transport management with automated gate system with slot-time booking
  • trans-shipment terminal
  • free storage of construction materials for 5 days
  • co-distribution of smaller quantities of freight
  • daily distribution via a fixed route vehicle
  • coordinated waste management
  • Maintenance of the area in summer and winter
  • external surveillance of the area
  • job site layout plan

What does it cost to join BLC?

The cost is divided into three parts:

  1. Joining fee for the developer.
  2. Cost when entering the construction area.
  3. Basic services that are mandatory and optional services according to the price list. Current prices are available at https://ndslogistik.se/en/facts-and-prices/prices.

How can I get more information and a better understanding of BLC?

When the customer contract has been signed the site management is contacted for a contract review and an information meeting at CCC to review the customer agreement and the regulations. If you have questions about CCC then this is a good opportunity to get those answered.

Everyone who works in Norra Djurgårdsstaden must undergo a basic education about the conditions and rules that applies to a safe and well-function workplace. After completing the training, each employee's ID06 card can be registered for access to the agreed detail plan's areas. The training is divided into two categories:

  • NORMAL: For everyone who will work more than five days in the area.
  • EXPERT: For those who will be scheduling and managing the site. Here you will learn more about the delivery planning tool STC, we will also help to create a user ID for those who will work in the tool.

How does the new enrollment portal and the digital training work?

Everyone who will be working on a worksite within the city's construction area will undergo a training. The training will contain which conditions and rules that stands for a secure and well functioned worksite.

  • NORMAL: For everyone who will work more than five days in the area.
  • EXPERT: For those who will be scheduling and managing the site. Here you will learn more about the delivery planning tool STC, we will also help to create a user ID for those who will work in the tool. You will also learn about CCC(BLC) regulations and we will furthermore have a discussion on how CCC(BLC) can cooperative with you within the project.

Before you take the training your main contractor will need to registrate you on the Enrollment portal.

You reach the training by pressing the button in the right hand corner on the hompage. The CCC(BLC) Normal training takes up to 10 minutes. You will need to undergo the CCC(BLC) Normal training to get access to the construction area.

After completing the training, each employee's ID06 card can be registered for access to the agreed detail plan's areas. You will only then get access to the outer rotation gates.





How do I get access to the delivery planning tool STC ?

If you need to scheduling and managing deliveries to the construction site you will need to go the CCC (BLC) Expert training. In the training you will get a user ID and will learn about the delivery planning tool STC. You will also learn about CCC (BLC) regulations and we will furthermore have a discussion on how CCC(BLC) can cooperative with you within the project.

Please contact Håkan Bjurefors at CCC(BLC) if you have an interest in the training. You can reach him on no: 073-515 44 76 or email: hakan.bjurefors@wiklunds.se


Materials handling by BLC

How does the entry of vehicles into the area work?

An appointment (called a time slot) must be made in order to be able to enter the construction site with a delivery. This is done by authorised personnel in your company via the deliveryplanning tool STC. When they book a time slot, a code is generated and will only be available during the period of the time slot. The driver will need this code to be able to open the gates. The same code is then used to get out from the construction site.

 A coordination/escort fee is charged for each delivery/passage to construction site. This applies to all inbound transport; service vans, private cars or freight transport. 


How do deliveries to my construction site work?

The amount of materials determines if it's possible for a direct delivery or if you will need to deliver to the CCC(BLC) for a co-coordinated delivery. Following criteria will need to be met for a direct delivery. The material amount will need to be over 50% regarding the volume and weight. If you have a lower percentage you will need to deliver to the CCC (BLC).

Keep in mind, that the cost of passing the gate to the construction area is higher than the cost of delivering the material to the CCC(BLC) for a co-coordinated delivery.


A. Direct delivery

Direct delivery of the material generally takes place when there are large, bulky materials, e.g. for the frame. The Stockholm Royal Seaport is subject to environmental zone rules, which includes environmental standards for vehicles. 


B. Collective distribution

Loading capacity less than 50% on a truck goes for collective distribution via BLC. The fill rate refers to load capacity weight or volume. For loading capacity greater than 75% on a truck should go as direct transport unless storage is expected. Some types of material are exempted from this rule due to restrictions at BLC.

Lead times for collective distribution as below. This requires accessibility and unloading location for the service provider. Deviations may occur.

a. Delivery BLC at. 06:30 - 09:30 day 0 delivery before. 15 day 0

b. Delivery BLC at. 09:30 - 13:00 day 0 delivery before. 08 day 1

c. Delivery BLC after 4 p.m. 13:00 day 0 delivery before. 11:30 day 1

Upon entry into the BLC, a handling fee is payable. Price according to price list.

To ensure that BLC's resources are available and to be able to handle goods cost-effectively, all deliveries arriving at BLC must be announced on the day. Unannounced deliveries are unloaded at BLC if they have time and are prioritized lower than announced deliveries.


C. Needs-based delivery with short-term storage

Materials that you want to "pulse out" as needed during a particular stage or operation will be stored at item level. Then the materials can be distributed to you at the right time and in the right amount. Orders can be placed via "Material orders" in the top right corner.

The symbol looks like: Bild på knappen för materialbeställning

Do I book a time slot for deliveries to BLC and does it cost anything?

You need to book a time slot to unload goods at BLC but no time slot costs are charged for transporting them inside.


What happens if I miss my time slot?

If you miss your time slot you will need to contact your customer/contractor who have booked the delivery. They can book a new time slot or if possible extend the booking. 


Entry to the construction area without booking a time slot?

If a vehicle enters without a time slot being booked before it arrives, the customer will be charged a fee. Current fees for improper entry can be found in the price list at www.ndslogistik.se/sv/fakta-och-priser.


Can I book a time slot for multiple shipments?

Yes, if you are casting concrete, for example, you can order 10 cement trucks in the same time slot. For each entry, an entry is deducted from the time slot. You only pay for the entries that take place.


Can I drive my service van or private car into the area?

Yes, you can drive in and unload but you have to book a time slot. There will be an escort fee upon entry. 

Note that parking on streets or on public areas is illegal.


Does short-term storage at BLC cost anything?

No, short-term storage at BLC is free for the first 14 calendar days from and including the day that the goods arrive at BLC. From day 15 and onwards, the price can be found in the price list at www.ndslogistik.se/sv/fakta-och-priser.


Does long-term storage at BLC cost anything?

Yes. Prices can be found in the price list. Contact BLC for more information.


Can I place materials on the street?

No. In order to maintain good accessibility and to create a safe working environment, materials may not be stored on the streets. Unloaded materials must be moved to the property within 2 hours.

If you want to store materials on the construction site, it must be done within the property, for example in garages, on floors or in the yard.


Who is responsible for the goods when they are in short- and long-term storage?

BLC conducts visual inspections of incoming deliveries for storage or co-distribution. BLC is responsible for the goods until they are delivered to the construction site and the delivery is approved. BLC documents any damage and informs the customer immediately if the goods are damaged. The customer, however, owns the goods during storage so he needs to insure them against fire, theft, flood, etc.


Can I get help with increased (detailed) incoming inspections at BLC?

Yes, if you would like help with a detailed incoming inspection, BLC can check that your delivery is correct against the packing list. BLC scans and sends the packing slip with information about any split shipments to the responsible person in your company.

Normal inbound inspections include a comparison against the consignment note to ensure that the right number of packages/pallets has arrived and that the goods are undamaged. If you would like the shipment entered into storage at item level, please contact BLC before the goods arrive.


What do I do if my goods are damaged?

Document the damages with photos and contact BLC directly. You are responsible for booking return transport, but BLC provides storage and loading when materials need to be returned. Contact BLC for more information.


Can I get help with unloading, lifting and carrying my goods in?

Yes, unloading of goods from the car, lifting the materials to the correct floor, help carrying goods in etc. can be booked either when you book the time slot or directly with BLC.


Waste and Sanitation

When is waste removed?

Waste from the 3-cubic-meter containers is emptied as needed. When you call to have waste emptied, it will be done no later than two hours after the call.


How does waste management work on my construction site?

The projects need for waste management is identified at the start-up meeting. Contact BLC for a start-up meeting and information. Waste management is done centrally via BLC. Smaller bins for recycling construction waste are set up outside the construction site. Sorting per floor is also possible. For more information please contact BLC.


How is winter and summer road maintenance handled on public land?

BLC handles summer and winter road maintenance, which means clearing snow and ice in the winter, sand sweeping and dust control in summer. All the costs are distributed among the stakeholders within the area according to a prepared distribution formula. Contact BLC for additional cleaning.


I would like the entrances to the apartment building to be cleaned - is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Contact BLC for more information.


Construction site

What protective equipment am I required to wear at the construction site?

For a safe work environment, everyone within the construction site must wear:

  • A helmet.
  • Safety vests or similar protective clothing.
  • Safety shoes with steel toe caps and penetration protection.
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection

Work requiring greater protection is laid out in the Occupational Safety Plan.


Will our area be fenced off and have gates?

Yes, this is to control who has access via the ID06 system.


Who takes care of and controls the gates?

The gates are automated, and controlled and taken care of by BLC.


How do we handle deliveries and work after hours?

Normal access to the area through the turnstile: Mon-Fri: 05.00–20:00.
Normal access to the area for deliveries:
Mon-Thurs: 06:00–18:00
Fri: 06:00 – 16:30.

For other times and public holidays contact BLC


What is the speed limit within the construction site?

A speed limit has been put in place to keep the area safe. The speed limit is a maximum of 10km/h within the gas plant, and 20 km/h in other areas.


How can I get access to the area within the gates?

To gain access to the area you will need to get your ID06 card activated at BLC. 

Your ID06 card can only be activated if BLC gets a notification in advance from the main contractor. This can be done on the Stockholm Royal Seaport homepage.

After the notification you will be able to do the online training at the Stockholm Royal Seaport homepage. When the online training is done your ID06 card can be activated at BLC.

If the main contractor has done the notification and you have not been able to do the online training before you visit BLC you will be able to get 7 days access to complete the online training. When you have done the online training, kindly contact BLC at no: 08-122 130 00 or email: blc@ndslogistik.se.


What does the job site layout plan (APD) show?

The APD-plan includes developers, loading and unloading zones, crane locations, street closures, waste management sites and establishment areas


How does parking work within the area?

If there is parking areas arranged by the city of Stockholm, a parking fee is charged by a contracted parking company. If you want to park on the arranged parking please contact BLC. Costs for entry are the same as the regular time slot costs for service vans. 

There is a shortage of public parking spaces within the Stockholm Royal Seaport project area. The project does not have the possibility of creating new parking spaces during the development phase. Parking within property boundaries, for example in the garage, is allowed. The city primarily refers to public transport, such as bus 55 and the metro to Ropsten.


Will the city manage parking surveillance in the area?

Yes, parking surveillance is continuous, and no cars or other vehicles may be parked without permission from BLC.

Parking surveillance will be carried out by an external parking company.


Where is the holding area for lorries that arrive at the construction site too early?

If shipments arrive in Stockholm at night or more than 3 hours before booked arrival then the shipments are referred to the south or north of Stockholm. Contact BLC for more information.
Parking on pedestrian or bicycle paths is not allowed.


How does crane coordination work within the area?

Permission from BLC must be obtained before setting up tower cranes and mobile cranes. Crane coordination is handled by the logistics coordinator (etappsamordnar) for the area. The contractor's person in charge submits the specific crane information in the application. The set-up is marked in the crane coordination plan including the set-up period. The costs for set-up and permit applications are charged to the applicant.


Can I make use of articulated vehicles that are longer than 12 m within the construction area?

No, because of the street and safety aspects, the maximum length is 12 meters without additional permission.

Articulated vehicles longer than 12 meters and articulated vehicles heavier than 51.4 tons (BK2) require a permit and are only allowed on designated streets. Permits can be obtained from BLC.


What rules and regulations apply within the gas plant area?

Everyone visiting or working within the Gas plant must follow special rules and regulations. Everyone entering the area must wear a helmet, west or jacket, safety goggles, protective gloves and protective shoes. You will also need to wear safety pants and ear protectors. 

You also have to report to the responsible contractor in the area if you plan on entering the area.


BLC - Operating hours

What are the operating hours of BLC and where is it located?

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday 06:30–17:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 06:30–16:00

Gasverksvägen 51B
115 42 Stockholm

WGS 84 (lat, long):
N 59° 21.534’, E 18° 6.072’
WGS 84 decimal (lat, long):
59.35891, 18.10120
6584269, 1630574
6584124, 676272


FAQ in other languages

Does the FAQ exist in other languages?

Yes! The FAQ is translated to the same languages as the basic training, and they can be found at: http://ndslogistik.se/en/kommunikation/film