Construction logistics of tomorrow

Unified collaboration for efficient and safe workplace

Logistics solution for plant work and recovery of contaminated soil

Through effective mass handling heavy transports can be reduced in Stockholm

Construction consolidation centre CCC

Contributes to a sustainable and more resource efficient construction

Construction logistics of tomorrow

Improved delivery precision and accessibility with booked slot time

Construction consolidation centre CCC

Contributes to research and development for increased knowledge in construction logistics

Effective consolidation at CCC

By using a CCC, 5 lorries can be replaced with 1 fully loaded lorry from CCC to the construction area

Construction logistics of tomorrow

Coordinated waste management reduces transport and increases accessibility

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Opening hours during summer

18 June 2020

Openinghours during summer 

From 22 June - 7 August, the following times applies at BLC.

Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm
Closed for lunch: 11am - 12pm

Day before public holidays: 06:30am - 13pm​​​​​​

You will always be able to reach us at No. 08-122 130 00 during the summer.

BLC office moves the 27 of april
BLC office moves the 27 of april BLC office moves the 27 of april. The ...
Opening hours during Easter
During easter both BLC and the warehouse has other opening hours. Thursday ...
Operation failure on gates due to harsh winds- Solved
The previous malfunction at the gates are now solved. However, the capacity is lower ...

A film about Stockholm Royal Seaport

A film about Stockholm Royal Seaport urban development project that runs from Hjorthagen in the north, across the port area, to Loudden in the south. In one of Stockholm's prime locations, plans are under way to build 12,000 new homes and 35,000 new jobs.

Statistics June

The Construction Consolidation Center CCC in Stockholm Royal Seaport is a unique venture in the Swedish construction industry. Nothing similar has ever been done earlier. We will therefore carefully monitor developments and conduct research in different areas to see what kind of effects that are generated.
Deliveries to BLC
Route Vehicles From BLC
Combined Loading Effect from BLC
Cargo Loading & Delivery Withing 8h
Delivery Precision
Goods/Deliveries to BLC
Goods/Deliveries from BLC with Route Vehicles

Welcome on Entrepreneur's Day in Stockholm Royal Seaport september 16-17 2020

The Stockholm City Development Administration invites suppliers for construction work projects. We want to inform you about upcoming contract procurements linked to construction and infrastructure until 2025. We will tell you about the project, Stockholm Royal Seaport and what is it like to work here. We talk about our environmental quality requirements, how we work on building consilidation center and mass recycling. And much more.

Click below to view the program and the registration.

Ongoing research project: Visualized building traffic planning for disruption-free urban development (Disruption-free city)

We tend to relate to construction projects in the city as a temporary constraints. On the contrary, it is constantly being built, in the ongoing urbanization trend and densification. The "Disruption-free city" project wants to create a tool that improves traffic planning around construction sites.

The City of Stockholm and CCC Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of several cities participating in the project

The project disruption-free city has been granted funding from Vinnova's announcement "Innovations for a sustainable society - 2018". The project will run over three years and comprises a total of SEK 7.3 million, of which Vinnova finances SEK 4.9 million and SEK 2.4 million is inclusive contribution from participating parties. The project Disruption-free city is part of LiU Bygglogistik's focus area on urban logistics in cities.