Construction logistics of tomorrow

Unified collaboration for efficient and safe workplace

Logistics solution for plant work and recovery of contaminated soil

Through effective mass handling heavy transports can be reduced in Stockholm

Construction consolidation centre CCC

Contributes to a sustainable and more resource efficient construction

Construction logistics of tomorrow

Improved delivery precision and accessibility with booked slot time

Construction consolidation centre CCC

Contributes to research and development for increased knowledge in construction logistics

Effective consolidation at CCC

By using a CCC, 5 lorries can be replaced with 1 fully loaded lorry from CCC to the construction area

Construction logistics of tomorrow

Coordinated waste management reduces transport and increases accessibility

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Upcoming seminar (2020-04-15)

Stockholm Royal Seaport - Workplace area Ropsten

6 March 2020
Workplace area Ropsten - Construction work with noise between 9 - 20 March

The work hours of the construction work will be extended during a period of time in the workplace area Ropsten. During this period, some noise will occur.

The contractor Peab with its subcontractor Arkil will perform mechanical work during the period 9 - 20 March, including Saturday 14 March and Sunday 15 March. During these days they will work between 06.00-22.00.

Information is set up in nearby residential buildings / stairwells.

New opening hours CCC
Opening hours CCC CCC has new opening hours from the 3 of Februari. ...
New safety requirements
Please note that as of January 1, 2020, there are new safety requirements for ...
January 22, ID06 1.0 expires
On January 21, 2020, ID06 AB shuts down the current system, which means that ...
Stockholm Royal Seaport Building Logistics Centre - for sustainable and resource-efficient construction.


The Construction Logistics Center in Stockholm Royal Seaport is a unique venture in the Swedish construction industry. Nothing similar has ever been done earlier. We will therefore carefully monitor developments and conduct research in different areas to see what kind of effects that are generated.
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