Building logistics solution of the future already today

Building logistics solution of the future already today

Improved time of delivery precision and accessibility with booked slot times.

Logistics solution for plant work and recovery of contaminated soil

Through effective mass handling heavy transports can be reduced in Stockholm

Construction consolidation centre CCC

Contributes to research and development for increased knowledge in construction logistics

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Effective consolidation at CCC

By using a CCC, 5 lorries can be replaced with 1 fully loaded lorry from CCC to the construction area

Construction logistics of tomorrow

Coordinated waste management reduces transport and increases accessibility


Deliveries to BLC sep-19


Combined loading effect from BLC sep-19



Incoming packages to BLC sep-19

986 pkgs

Cargo loading & delivery within 8h sep-19



Route vehicles from BLC sep-19


Delivery precision sep-19



Construction Consolidation Center

A film by Stockholms stad informing about the Construction Logistics Center [Bygglogistikcentret] (BLC) in Hjorthagen, which is a part of the city's environmental goals for Norra Djurgårdsstaden.


Senast uppdaterade dokument

Rental agreement for the temporary construction lights. Remember to download the APD-plan and mark where the placement of the lights.

The document is only availiable in swedish.

This price list specifies the connection fee for the developer and the cost of someone enters the work area.