Core Services

Traffic Piloting
The traffic pilot is responsible for all traffic coming in and out of the area. It will be very important to control and coordinate transportation to minimize the number of vehicles that are inside the area simultaneously. Partly to minimize emissions and partly to create a good and safe working and living environment as possible. You who are working in the area has a lot to gain from coordinated logistics, for example reduced waiting times for construction workers and crane operators.

Loading capacity less than 50% on a truck goes for collective distribution via BLC. The fill rate refers to load capacity weight or volume. For loading capacity greater than 75% on a truck should go as direct transport unless storage is expected. Some types of material are exempted from this rule due to restrictions at BLC.

BLC can help out so that unloading vehicles is in place to detach your supply at the work site. We will be unloading vehicles such as telescopic loader, regular loader, crane trucks, etc. emanating from the BLC. Unloading at the work site is an additional service.

Short term storage of building materials
The idea of the BLC is to create optimal conditions for efficient production. By offering free short-term storage for up to 12 days at BLC entrepreneurs have the ability to store the materials in a dry, safe and appropriate place outside the work site where it doesn't stand in the way.

There are several reasons why the external short-term storage is important. Safety is, for many construction companies, the single most important issue, and with efficient construction logistics, we can get rid of "unnecessary" materials from the workplace. With "unnecessary" materials we mean materials that should not be installed in the coming days. Another important reason is of course the economy.

Studies show that 10-15% of the profit margin of a construction project is used to move around material. We also know that the percentage of damage and waste is considerably lower for external storage of building materials. We believe that it is possible to both increase security and reduce production cost by managing materials more efficiently in the project.

Combined loading and transport of construction materials
An important goal within Royal Seaport is to minimize the number of transports in the area. Fewer transports reduces emissions from vehicles while also increasing safety and better production conditions. From BLC, we run the loop trucks with material several times a day. The vehicles we use are either pure electric vehicles for small package shipments and electric/hybrid vehicles for larger deliveries. By loading many smaller shipments from the BLC we hope to reduce the number of transports by 30-40%.

Waste management
One of Stockholm's operational objectives for the construction of the Royal Seaport is that "the amount of construction waste will be minimized and the construction waste generated will be sorted, recycled and documented". The maximum level of waste is 20 kg/sqm equivalent apartments. No landfill is permitted. BLC will be responsible for information and education to all stakeholders in the area.

BLC supplies free internal containers, waste containers and recycling centers to work sites within the area. These are placed at appropriate locations at the construction site after agreement with you. Emptying of the internal containers and bins is made no later than two hours after the call off the order if made on weekdays from 5:30 to 15:30.

Emptying of the environmental station is made no later than the next working day for orders received before 12:00. Orders received after 12:00 but before 16:30 is conducted during the next working day.

Remember that hazardous waste should always be handled with care. Hazardous waste shall not be mixed or diluted with other types of hazardous waste, other waste, substances/materials. For each shipment of hazardous waste a transport documentation shall be issues by the consignor. For the management of construction waste, we can also provide flexi containers 5 m3, containers 5-15 m3 and the "construction eights" 8 m3 (container lifting loops).

As an additional service we can also provide staff for ongoing disposal and sorting of construction waste on the work site. This can advantageously be done simultaneously as we transport the materials to various delivery points in the building. We advise everyone to book a start-up meeting, please contact BLC for an appointment.

Summer and Winter Road Maintenance
BLC is responsible for summer and winter road maintenance within Royal Seaport Stockholm. The assignment includes snow removal, sanding and sweeping of streets, sidewalks and public land.

Mass Handling for The City
BLC is responsible for the city's mass handling of crushed rock and soil. The work is performed within a fenced area along Husarviken.

Return Transports
Return materials for shipment to the supplier or another party picked up by BLC's loop truck on the construction site. Reservation of return transportation is done at the BLC. You get in touch with BLC by phone 08-122 130 00 or by email blc@ndslogistik.se.

The BLC education for new workers in Norra Djurgårdsstaden will be digital. That means that  workers can fulfil the education whenever it's most suitable during the day. Look out for more information from BLC.

Common GIS-based APD plan
There is a common APD plan for each area to be visualized via big screens in each establishment. APD plans are way of visualized help that may affect the traffic flow in the area, eg, a contractor who plan to have a mobile crane parked along the street for some time, which can affect accessibility for others in the area. Reservation of delivery is done by booking of slot time.

Information to Construction Sheds
Information related to the Stockholm Royal Seaport and BLC will be published via the big screens in the shed establishments. The aim is to have a common information channel for the contractors within the construction field.

All those who work within the area will have access to the area via the ID06. Access to the construction field is registered in connection with compulsory education at the BLC. BLC also offers set-up of ID06, fences, gates, access control etc. at the point new establishment. This is an additional service. For more information contact BLC.

If you have any questions, contact BLC at 08-122 130 00

Waste Management
Wiklund Åkeri manages services related to production residues and waste from all construction in Hjorthagen, Stockholm Royal Seaport. The assignment includes the provision of waste containers as well as managing and coordination of transportation of construction waste incl. hazardous waste. Wiklund offers free customer support, including counseling, start-up meetings, training and the preparation of written information and instructions. All handling of waste is done according to the "Recycling Council guidelines for waste management in construction and demolition".

Cleaning & Sanitation
Wiklund Åkeri is responsible for summer and winter road maintenance within Hjorthagen, Stockholm Royal Seaport. The assignment includes snow removal, sanding and sweeping of streets, sidewalks and public land.