General info about BLC

The Construction Logistics Center (Bygglogistikcentret), shortened as BLC, is a part of the city's environmental goals for Stockholm Royal Seaport. BLC includes subdivision Hjorthagen within Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Goal of BLC
The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of transport and streamline materials management in the entire project area. The project has, in its contract with the operator, defined two overarching goals:

”The client's goal is that the Construction Logistics Center will be a spearhead in construction logistics.”

”The client intends to promote research related to construction logistics in order to utilize the Construction Logistics Center to create advances in the industry.”

All parties active in Hjorthagen, such as builders, contractors and their subcontractors, management hauling companies are involved and benefit from it.

The Area
The area is delimited by Husarviken in the west and has two docking points; one in the northern part of the area at Ropsten subway and one in the southern part at Värtabanan/Ryttarstadion. The entrance driveway at Ryttarstaden and the bridge over Värtabanan is designed for heavy traffic BK2 (load class 2). BLC is positioned on former commuter parking at Ropsten roundabout and Lilla Värtan.

Construction Logistics Center in Hjorthagen
To be able to operate as efficiently as possible, the project has chosen to establish a facility in place within the work area. The following information describes the different parts.

  • The Site Office: At the site office is the operator's staff located, such as functions for site management, traffic pilots, warehouse, transportation, waste mgmt and more. The site office is built in a modular building to make it possible to move it to the next subarea. The project's environmental profile reflects even on the temporary buildings. This modular building has good heat insulation and heating is done with heat pump, complemented with solar systems of 2 000 kWh for high flexibility. Requirements for energy consumption is <75 kWh/sqm/year. Energy consumption is calculated to 42 kWh/sqm/year. The site office was built during the spring of 2013.
  • Short Term Stock: A warehouse has been built covering more than 2000 square meters in the form of an uninsulated tent building with a dehumidification system. The warehouse is a short-term storage (storage <14 days) and allows storage of large shipments of building materials which then get "pulsed" out into the workplace. To save energy all lighting in the warehouse is of LED type.
  • Terminal Surfaces and Other Infrastructure: A plan with paved surfaces of over 7000 square meters has been built. Of these, approximately 3200 sqm is reinforced with cement stabilized asphalt and are to be used as storage and waste areas. Hardened surfaces have been provided with surface water drains connected to an oil separator for eventual oil leaks. All the lighting fixtures (35 pcs) outdoors is populated with LED lights. The entire facility is enclosed by security fencing and camera surveillance. Transport vehicles on BLC is electric and/or electric hybrid vehicles and will be charged at the charging stations for quick charging and 24h charging. At the existing dock that connects to the facility a ramp has been built to accommodate maritime transport.
  • Gate System and Control: BLC and each work area is fenced with one or more engine-driven gates for vehicles and turnstiles for pedestrians. The gates can be controlled from the site office and the vehicles gates can be opened by booking codes obtained when booking slot times. The turnstiles is opened using your ID06. Registration on BLC is required. The gates are monitored by camera for inspection of entering and exiting the vehicle.

Core Services
Core services are the services that the operator is responsible and which is contracted in competition. These are described under the tab "Core services".

Additional Services
Additional services are the services that the operator itself offers in addition to the Core services available. Additional services are offered directly to customers. These are described under the tab "Additional services".