Halving of waste in Tresticklan projects

30 october 2015

Two completed construction projects in area Västra has shown very good end results in waste statistics. A result of waste reduction is a step closer to meeting the environmental objectives of the Stockholm Royal Seaport.

We congratulate JM AB's project Tresticklan reaching a waste result of 21.2kg/BTA, followed by the HSB Bostad AB, also owning a project in Tresticklan, who reached 23.4 kg/BTA. JM and HSB Bostad has shown that it is possible to halve the amount of waste!

Breakfast seminar - ID06

23 october 2015

BLC will be inviting to a breakfast seminar with Infobric to inform about the new tax rules taking effect on 1 January 2016.

Welcome to a breakfast seminar at the BLC. Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 to 9:00 Infobric and Skatteverket will talk about the new tax rules for registering personnel on the construction site and to present the opportunities that change brings. ...



Moving in on stage Västra

16 october 2015

On Friday October 16 the occupancy in the first 28 apartments in Kosterhavet will take place.

The apartment consists of rental apartments and student apartments. The developer of this project is ByggVesta and the contractor who builds the project is EBAB. We greet the new arrivals welcome to the neighborhood Kosterhavet!

We welcome Skanska

5 october 2015

We would like to welcome Skanska to Gasverket in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Skanska is one of several entrepreneurs to establish themselves inside Gasverket area and they will begin their work in the autumn. For visits to Gasverket, please contact Skanska for approval since it is currently their work area.